You can have your pain.

Or you can create your life like art.

But you can't have both.

The choice is yours.

Do you have heavy emotions constantly weighing on you, day after day?

Do your demons always come back to haunt you and sabotage your best efforts?

Are you tired of self-help gurus telling you to do more positive affirmations, even when they don't work?

Is therapy not working the way you hoped?

You are NOT alone!

The self-help community has a dirty little secret...

They preach positive thinking, affirmations & breath work.

They tell you to FORGIVE 🤦🏻‍♀️

They tell you your depression, anxiety & intrusive thoughts are "manifesting" all the bad things in your life.

They're telling you the WRONG things.

There's a secret so deep, the "gurus" won't touch it because they haven't experienced this depth themselves. And that's...


and the crazy thing is, you don't have to remember a speicifc traumatic event for it to negatibvely effect you. THere are so mnay types of trauma that lock up the body in damaging ways - ranging from complex trauma, to birth trauma to generational trauma (trauma that is affecting you on a cellular level but happened to your grandparents!)

Trauma has a way of freezing time, holding your true self captive and silenced, while life goes on right in front of your eyes, but you're not able to touch it, experience it, or be present in it.

Trauma gets lodged in the body, and the soul escapes the body. THIS GAP is the breeding grounds for addiction. depression, self-sabotage, toxic relationships & an unfullling life that's

You can't think or talk or will your way out of trauma.


😌 but don't worry...

There's A Method to Healing Trauma That...

✅ Works Better & Faster Than Any Therapist

✅ Gives you Immediate & Permanent Results

✅ Does Not Require Endless Hours of “Processing”

...allowing you to experience more freedom, joy, and inner peace than you ever thought possible.

This Method Works to Heal the Root Cause of:

  • Fears & Insecurities
  • Past Traumas
  • Addiction
  • PTSD Symptoms
  • History of Complex Trauma
  • Life Dissatisfaction
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Body Image and Weight Loss Struggles
  • Negative Childhood Experiences
  • Toxic Relationship Patterns

You see, thousands of years ago, they didn’t have therapists, fancy biofeedback machines or mood-altering drugs. But they definitely experienced pain and trauma....

They knew what we've forgotten…

Your body has a built-in mechanism coded with everything you need to overcome your deepest insecurities, heal any traumas, and thrive as a confident individual.

So, why aren't more people like you using this method?

Because the "switch" inside of you has been turned off!! 😵

It’s not your fault. You have been socialized since birth to SHUT OFF your natural ability to heal, leading to things like addiction, depression, a lack of confidence, and even the ability to feel JOY.

Many people even BLAME themselves for self-sabotaging or not being good enough!

I get it… and trust me it doesn't have to be this hard...
You always wonder what's wrong with you.
You want to be more confident & motivated.
Will power isn't working.
You just want to feel like yourself again.
Your relationships are suffering.
You feel hopeless, like giving up.

Enough is enough. It is your human right to access this knowledge.

What you've been told about your body and emotions is NOT true.

This ability is already a part of you. Dormant. Waiting to be turned back "on".

It's easier than you think.

Are You Ready to Release Trauma On Demand & Restore Your Natural State of Emotional Freedom?

I will show you how to use your body, your emotions, and everything you’ve been told to "think positive" about to turn your suffering into a life that feels like living, breathing ART.

(Yes, ART. I could cry writing these words.)

How do I know this method works?

I used to struggle with complex trauma, eating disorders, social anxiety and a lifetime of pain stuffed into my body.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I hated myself. I spent years pouring myself in the “self-help” community with little to no progress.

I hit rock bottom, met a guide I could trust completely and my whole life changed…

Now, I am a Hypnotherapist, Body Language Expert, NLP Practitioner (+ some other fancy stuff) but what most people don’t realize, is my life changed because I found the key to accessing my body and subconsoius mind in a unique way.

I've been teaching this method with life-changing success to hundreds of clients in my private practice and at mental health and addiction treatment centers. Now, it’s available to you, too.

Stop Repeating Your Old Story Over & Over

Are you tired of self-help gurus on IG telling you to do more positive affirmations, even though they don't work for you?

Do you feel ashamed or embarrassed about parts of your past?

Are you struggling with addiction, depression, dissociation, anger, loneliness, people-pleasing or lack of confidence?

Do you know you have deep stuff that needs to be worked on,  but not sure where to start?
Do you constantly feel victimized?

Do you feel terrified of the shame and guilt you might experience and want a step-by-step process to heal?

Do you feel like you can never just be yourself?

Are you riddled with fears and insecurities?

Do you have trouble forgiving yourself and others?

Are you curious about shadow work?

Would you like your presence to become magnetic and confident?

No one should have to live every day at war with themselves...

Are you ready to turn your life, your struggles and your pain into living, breathing, walking art? 

Give yourself permission to feel good and experience the step-by-step method that is different than anything else you've tried.


Rewild Your Release

An online, self-paced course designed to “turn on” your biological shortcut to healing trauma, harness the power of your trapped, painful emotions, and become the living, breathing embodiment of your true self.

Enhanced with advanced hypnotic methods, curated video content that speaks directly to your subconscious mind, and step-by-step processes to put an end to your deepest demons once and for all.

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up:

Over 9 hours of Video Content designed to target every struggle, every painful emotion and every feeling inside that is keeping you from your true self. (Value: $3k)

 10 Powerful Audio Hypnosis Files to use again and again that give you the power to reach inside your mind and reprogram anything you want - including changing bad memories, rewiring the negative effects of past trauma, and hardwiring in everything you would like to be feeling instead. (Value: $800)

✅ 12 Emotional Hacking Formulas for getting to the reason behind every negative emotion so you stop getting stuck in emotional spirals and can use every single negative emotion (including depression, anger, anxiety, etc) as rocket fuel for your epic, artful life. (Value: $1,200)

✅ Over 100 Journaling Prompts (with instructions on how and when to use specific prompts) designed for you to never get stuck spiraling in negative emotions and understand and heal the real root cause of your struggles. (Value: $599)

✅ 5 Printable Reference Guides for quick and easy access to life-changing information (Value: $198)

✅ Lifetime Access to a repeatable method that you can use over and over again to heal anything and everything (Value: priceless)

✅ Turn “On” the Switch Inside to release trauma on demand the way animals in the wild do. (Value: priceless)

Rewild Your Release is Valued at: $5,797+

Imagine feeling good in your skin, confident around family and friends, thriving in a healthy, loving relationship, feeling genuine self-love, and knowing that you conquered your inner demons so hard that your existence becomes the beautiful, unique masterpiece that is you.

Imagine that you become walking, living, breathing poetry... not in spite of your struggles, but because of them.

This is all possible for you. 

You are here for a reason.

Feel Real Confidence & Self-Love

Heal the root cause of self-sabotage so it stops haunting you.

Turn Your Life Into Living Art.

Hypnotically advanced methods to become the living, breathing embodiment of your true self.

Restore Your Natural State of Freedom.

Remove the trauma from your body once and for all.

Free Yourself From Your Past.

Stop looping in cycles of what has happened to you and become who you are meant to be.

When you Enroll in Rewild Your Release, you'll get instant access to everything you need to overcome your inner struggles so you can begin living the life you were meant to live.

Our Product Main Benefits

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Here’s what people are saying about Rewild Your Release:

"Helped so much with my addiction"

Learning this method was a relief because I was lessening the control and grip over my life. It feels so relaxing and I’m so glad I’ve learned it. It’s helped so much with my addiction in so many ways.

Lora S.

"It's fucking awesome. And it does work"

It's fucking awesome. And it does work. It's the thing I've been missing in all my years of therapy. It feels like relief.

Randy M.

"I feel more like myself now"

I've been doing self development type things for years but nothing has come close to learning how to actually release the trauma from my body. I've had it in there for years. I feel more like myself now than ever before.

Mindy L.

Now Let’s Go through Exactly How We Can Make This Change Happen For You, Too.

There are 6 in-depth modules in Rewild Your Release, each designed to unlock what's stuck in your body & subconsoius mind so that you become the proud hero of your story.


Module 1: Behind Your Curtain of Human Behavior

Purpose: Uproot your current paradigm by shifting into the truth of how your mind + body are designed to be used.

No. of Lessons: 7

Manifestation Myths

Why common manifestation practices are NOT working for you and what to do instead

Personalities & Patterns: Learn how your “personality” is dictating your behaviors and how to uplevel yourself in the most transformative way possible

Addiction: Cut the BS and heal the root cause of addiction and other non-useful behaviors

The Greatest Biofeedback Machine: Learn how to Tap into the wisdom of your body and never rely on a therapist or expensive technology ever again

And so much more...


Module 2: Download Your Destination

Purpose: Access the dormant ability of your subconsoius mind and use powerful hypnosis to physically hardwire your desired outcome into the fabric of your internal and external realities.

No. of Lessons: 8

How to Work With Your Subconscious: You must have these 8 components to effectively make change in your subconscious mind

Dopamine Hacks for Life-Long Motivation: How to continue progressing and moving forward for a lifetime

Your Personal Roadmap Hypnosis: Step-by-step hypnosis to access and implement a golden pathway in your subconscious mind that becomes automatic in your everyday life.

Restructure Your Reality: The practical action steps necessary to make sure this change is permanent and woven into the fabric of your life

And so much more…


Module 3: The Feeling Formula

Purpose: Understand the truth behind your negative emotions so you can use them to improve every part of your life. No more getting stuck or being afraid of your feelings. This is where you learn what "real self-love" means (not fluffy, IG self-love).

No. of Lessons: 17

The Art of Psychological Alchemy: The one framework necessary to leverage every single emotion so that it never feels scary and you never get stuck

My 5-Step Process to Heal a Broken Heart: Clear negative patterns from your past and fully love again

Overcome the root cause of procrastination: Become your most productive self without needing will-power or self-control

Somatic Hypnosis: Never get stuck in a negative emotion again by learning how to see the root cause clearly and take action with confidence.

Easy to use “formulas” for every emotion including (but not limited to):

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Overwhelm
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Jealousy
  • Disgust
  • Grief
  • Shame

And so much more…


Module 4: The Shaking Shortcut

Purpose: Connect to your mammalian trauma release "switch" and turn it "on". 

No. of Lessons: 7

How to "Rewild Your Release": Learn to turn on the trauma release “switch” inside of you

Why Wild Animals Don't See Therapists: Experience a depth of infinite intelligence within that is waiting dormant at your fingertips


Experience the Benefits of Having Your Switch ON:

  • Get Immediate results
  • Nothing else to purchase
  • No therapist required
  • No fancy equipment needed
  • Beneficial for lasting relief from chronic pain
  • Unlimited uses
  • Available to you anytime, anywhere
  • Clears all trauma, on demand, regardless of your memory
  • All In the comfort of your own home


Module 5: The Art of Darkness

Purpose: Dive into shadow work to heal memories, physically rewire your nervous system to reflect positive and notable change, and heal the root cause of your most stubborn patterns.

No. of Lessons: 11

Shadow Work: The missing link in the self-help and spiritual communities

The Self-Sabotage Solution: My process to never self-sabotage again (no will power needed)

Parts Work: become the essence of true self-love and internal peace

Inner Child Work: heal your past so you can live fully as the most authentic you

Re-write a Memory: erase and write over any negative memories (yes this physically changes the structure of your memory banks)

Relationship & Romance Reset: stop calling in unhealthy relationships, heal past relationships, and physically rewire your neurology so that you only want healthy, nourishing partners moving forward

And so much more…


Module 6: Your Rewired Reality

Purpose: Integrate all your healing and releasing into your new self by rewriting your story into your neurology, biology, and subconscious mind using the undeniable power of self-hypnosis.

No. of Lessons: 4

 Living Your New Story: Potent advanced hypnotic methods and instructions to change the way you think, feel, and live

Rebirth: The final steps to live into who you truly are - without the pain

The TRUTH About Gratitude, Forgiveness & Acceptance: Everything the self-help community is not sharing about these powerful internal states and how to achieve them with honesty and integrity

The Sweet Spot for Successful Living: 3 ways to hack the sweet spot by being driven and finding presence so you can live a truly happy and fulfilling life. 

Completion & Continuation


+ 3 Incredible Bonuses

Bonus #1
In-Depth Body Language Training

1 Hour of video content from my popular course, The Body Language Code. Learn how reading body language in yourself and others magnifies your self-awareness and capacity for supreme confidence.

Value: $199

Bonus #2
Secrets of Subconscious Reprogramming

The top 3 most potent secrets, plus doable, immediate action steps, to rewire your subconsoius mind and powerfully create the life of your dreams.

Value: $97

Bonus #3
Nuero-Confidence Masterclass

Change your limiting beliefs the CORRECT way in this in-depth masterclass that focuses on authentic and genuine confidence.

Value: $199

Total Value of Rewild Your Release + The Bonuses: $6,292

The only course available that gets to the ROOT of your struggle so you become the hero of your epic, uniquely brilliant story.

95% of who you are is automated by what's already in your subconscious mind.

But what if you learned how to reach into your mind, change, heal and clear the blocks keeping you from your true self?

What if happiness, peace, joy and fulfillment were just "programmed" into your operating system?

You can spend $10,000 on a high-level coach or thousands of dollars or years of your time on a weekly therapist.

You can go online and search for how to overcome trauma, how to heal your past, how to have a healthy relationship, how to stop overeating, how to be happy, how to overcome depression…

...but nothing you find online will give you direct access to your body and subconscious mind. Having this direct access is true POWER.

When you enroll in Rewild Your Release, you are getting immediate access to the most undercover, rarely talked about, potent secrets to healing so that you can truly experience what it means to be alive.

Once this part of you is activated, you have access to it forever, for free, at no more cost to you, at a level of depth and healing that NO therapist, NO retreat, NO “medicine” journey, NO partner, NO friend could ever even come close to touching.

Turning on this switch is priceless.

You are more than your patterns of pain.

You are pure potential waiting to be discovered by your awareness.

The time has come for you to remember who you truly are…

without the traumas...

without the pain...

If you don't, you'll never experience what it truly means to live. You’re subconscious will remain in an endless loop of repeating the past 😩

You'll never know what you are missing out on.

Because You Are Reading These Words...



Once You Realize This, it Marks the Beginning of Your Epic, New Story...

Rewild Your Release Has 3 Options For You to Choose From:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules + Entire Course Outline
  • All 3 Bonuses



(Payment Plan Available)

Most popular
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules + Entire Course Outline
  • All 3 Bonuses
  • 1 Hour Private Session Work With Kate (value: $400)*



(Payment Plan Available)

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules + Entire Course Outline
  • All 3 Bonuses
  • 5 Hours Private Session Work With Kate (value: $2,000)*
  • 1 Hypnotic RX: Custom-Made Audio File Hypnosis Tailored to Conquer Your Goals and Meet Your Specific Needs (value: $1,200)
  • Full Access to 'The Body Language Code' + Bonus Face Reading Masterclass: Become a confident, self-aware & influential body language expert! (value: $3,820)



regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call
*If choosing an option with Private Session Work, the booking link will be provided to you inside the online course immediately after enrolling.

What Happens After I Click Enroll Now?


Step 1 - Choose Your Option + Input Payment

Rewild Your Release has 3 different options for you to choose from. Choose the option that best suits your needs.


Step 2 - Welcome Email + Instant Access

Congrats! You're in! Shortly after enrolling, you'll receive a welcome email with instructions to set up your account and begin the course.


Step 3 - Immediate Rewiring

When you enroll in Rewild Your Release, you are communicating to your other-than-conscious mind that the time has come to shed the patterns of the past and step into the hero of your future. Your subconscious mind only rewires based on what you are willing to take action on.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm afraid of what I will release or of what will happen…

I’ve never experienced any major traumas. Is this course still a good fit for me?

I think I’ve experienced trauma, but I don’t remember. Will this still work for me?

I just want to become a better version of myself but I don’t struggle with addiction or PTSD symptoms. Will this course help?

I really want to do 1:1 with Kate, but I can’t afford it right now. Will just the course help me?

If I have this ability to release trauma already inside me, why do I need this course? 

Live A Story You are Proud of.

Turn Your Past Into Art.

Become the Hero of Your Life.

the choice is yours.

Kate Kali Has Helped Thousands Around the World Achieve Life-Changing Results.

"I have learned more about myself in the last 3 months than I have in the last 30 years"

The level of healing and inner transformation is incredible and what I truly consider to be a gift. I feel like I have learned more about myself in the last 3 months than I have in the last 30 years of my life. I am forever changed for the better and now feel so much more positive and confidence and actually believe in myself and my ability to overcome challenges. 

Melissa R.

"Highly recommended to anyone ready to uplevel their life."

The knowledge, insights, intuition, and wisdom this woman carries is something else. 5-star review. Highly recommended to anyone who is ready to uplevel their life. 

Matt F.

"I made a huge leap forward."

The subconscious process has dislodged some large rocks that got stuck from the past and now they are starting to come out. I made a huge leap forward. I was taken aback by it all. For me, going back and unlocking it all was HUGE. I had built up walls that I didn't even know were so thick.

Shawn M.

Kate Kali