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I’m infatuated with human behavior and the subconscious mind. Why we do things and how to help others change their lives for the better has been a lifelong fascination for me.

I began helping people when I was just 16, seeing clients on the weekends at my energy healing practice. I went on to study NLP, Hypnotherapy, body language, and Face Reading.

I now help men and women reach their highest potential using the infinite knowledge of their subconscious mind.

Break Free From Your Past
Heal Traumatic Memories
Uproot Limiting Beliefs
End Bad Habits & Patterns For Good
Feel More Confident, Authentic & Attractive
Upgrade Your Life, Body & Relationships

What Is Subconscious Reprogramming?

Subconscious Reprogramming is a process that removes your old, outdated neural pathways that keep you stuck repeating negative patterns. New, upgraded patterns (of your choosing) are installed into your nervous system so that living to your highest potential is not just easy, it becomes your automatic way of life.

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